Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Vacation Mini Album - 10 things that will ensure you create it!

Every summer we go on our family vacation. We plan it, book hotels, cars, buy plain tickets and do all the other arrangements needed. Every year we take the most wonderful photos capturing all those amazing places and experiences, all the fun we had, and we tell ourselves (at least I do) that we'll create the best mini album with all these photos and...we don't. So, I decided this year I will help myself achieve the task of creating a summer vacation mini album so help me God!

I came up with 10 things that will help me and ensure I will do it this time:

Before you go

1. Take a journal
In the journal you will be able to write about all the places you visit, the experiences you have, the people you meet and even the little jokes and family special sayings. Here's a journal I created while on one of my trips to the US.

2. Post on social media
Tell your friends on Facebook, post a photo of your luggage on Instagram and twit about your upcoming vacation. Share your plans to create a mini album and generate expectations you'll be committed to.

3. Prepare supplies
Make sure you have all the supplies to create your album so you will not be delayed by going to the craft store and buying stuff. Have supplies with your vacation theme like: beach, camping, trip to Paris etc.

While on vacation

4. Collect Memorabilia
Save things like plain or train ticket, admission tickets to museum or attractions, collect cool stuff like coasters from bars, tree leaves, shells or brochures. In this layout I added a few shells from the beach.

5. Journal
Write in your journal daily even if it's just a few lines. Try to give each day a "title" that could later be a page in your album. For example: The First Day: Building Our Tent or Collecting Sea Shells on the Beach.

6. Take photos on your phone
When you take photos with your phone you can share them on social media and keep the level of your friend's curiosity high. This way they'll nag you about the mini album you made with these beautiful photos.

After you return

7. Start immediately
Start working on your mini album as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be to start. Here's the first page I created in my US trip mini album.

8. Plan your mini
Make a plan of the mini: how many pages, what title for each page and general shape.

9. Schedule
Make a schedule for your work. Divide the project into small steps for example: one page per day or per weekend. Then find the time on your schedule to actually sit down and create. If you need to...write it in your calendar or planner.

10. Create together
Schedule a crop night or a crafting evening with your friends. It's easier to create in company and it's more likely you will not bail on your friends.
I hope these steps will help you complete the mission of scrapping your summer vacation!

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Have fun creating!

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