Sunday, October 19, 2014

3D Reverse Canvas Mother Goose Frame

Mother Goose is such a lovely character that brings back childhood memories, nursery rhymes and fun moments. I have the Graphic 45 Mother Goose paper collection for awhile and I wanted to create something that I can combine with a photo of my kids.

So I went through a lot of photo until I found the right one where they were sitting down and the background was contrasted enough for me to cut out. Then I had to adjust the size of their image with the sizes of images on the paper. I measured the images on the paper and enlarged the kids' images in Photoshop accordingly. Then I simply cut out the image and I was ready to go.

I took an 8X8 canvas reversed it and covered it with paper to create the frame. Then I started layering cut out images from the paper onto the frame. Each layer was attached to the frame with a different height of 3D foam tape so the layers created the depth of the entire scene. I also added the photo of my kids. Finally I added images on the front of the frame.

Now I can decorate the wall in my studio with a great reverse canvas Mother Goose 3D frame! Try this technique to create your own frame. Check out the video for a step by step full tutorial.

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Have fun creating!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mixed Media Layout: Words

They say men are not good with words and that women are better. I don't know if that's true or if that's the reason my two beautiful boys find it hard sometimes to say loving words to each other. I know they love each other very much but they never say or show it. So I decided to create a layout about it and maximize my supplies by using leftover letter stickers and papers.

I started with adding letters to a 12x12 patterned paper. These are leftover letter stickers that can no longer spell any words and a bunch of letters that got stuck together after they fell of the backing plastic. Using all these stickers to create a background is a great way to scrap your stash!

Then I covered all the letters with gesso and sprayed them with a few colors. I used light muted colors because I didn't want the background to be too noisy. I added the photo and used pieces of scrap paper to create a frame around it.

I wrote some words on scrap paper, cut them out and added them to the layout. finally I created the title with a black twine. Check out the video for the step by step tutorial.

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Have fun creating!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Creativity Inspired!

How many times did it happen to you? to all of us? You are STUCK!
You want to create but all your inspiration has gone out the window.
You started a project and you don't know how to move on and finish it.
You're tired of always using the same materials and techniques.
You want to try something new but don't know where or how to begin.
You have a deadline but can't jump start your muse.

You are not alone! It has happened to all of us, more than once...more than twice...more than many times! Well...I think I might have a solution. I call it Creativity Inspired.
it's a series of tips/sentences/ideas/calls for action and more that will unstuck you and help your creativity flow!

I will share them with you periodically in the hopes of helping you...and me...when we most need it.

Let's get started!

#1 Leave it and go do something else

Obvious? maybe, but that's not all. The leaving part is kind of obvious. go away and come back with a fresh look on things. But there is another part for this tip...what is the something else?
Well...there are two options according to research that work:
First option, do something else creative like cooking. That trigers the creative part of your brain from another "angle" and might help with your crafters' block. The second option. is to do something repetative like folding laundry. Something that doesn't require any thought just action. This will calm your creative thought process and while it rests, much like just before you fall asleep, ideas start to flow.

Both options can help. You have to find out what option works best for you and when. It might be one or the other, or even a combination of the two.

Collect your Creativity Inspired tips and insights so you can build a pool of advice to boost your creativity when in need!

Have fun creating!


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