Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mixed media Art Journal Page: Imagined

People ask me a lot about how I come up with ideas for an art journal page and how I think and find the right quotes. I have two ways of going about doing that. Sometimes I have a quote in mind, or I saw a quote I like on line and I start with that and build my page around it. Sometimes I have a technique I want to do, or scheme of colors I want to try and after I have an idea in my head i look for a quote to compliment that.

This was the case in this art journal page. I started with creating the page first with an ink filler and water technique. then I added the word's tape and continued from there. While I was working I got an idea to add a quote about imagination. I can't tell why that particular subject popped into my just did.

I think art journaling is all about the creative process and the self expression so I like to add letters and words in my own handwriting. This way I get a chance to play with different types of fonts and try them out on paper. I also added some doodling which is also a lot of fun and adds a fun vibe to the page.

For all the details and step by step tutorial check out the video.
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Have fun creating!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

3D Reverse Canvas Mother Goose Frame

Mother Goose is such a lovely character that brings back childhood memories, nursery rhymes and fun moments. I have the Graphic 45 Mother Goose paper collection for awhile and I wanted to create something that I can combine with a photo of my kids.

So I went through a lot of photo until I found the right one where they were sitting down and the background was contrasted enough for me to cut out. Then I had to adjust the size of their image with the sizes of images on the paper. I measured the images on the paper and enlarged the kids' images in Photoshop accordingly. Then I simply cut out the image and I was ready to go.

I took an 8X8 canvas reversed it and covered it with paper to create the frame. Then I started layering cut out images from the paper onto the frame. Each layer was attached to the frame with a different height of 3D foam tape so the layers created the depth of the entire scene. I also added the photo of my kids. Finally I added images on the front of the frame.

Now I can decorate the wall in my studio with a great reverse canvas Mother Goose 3D frame! Try this technique to create your own frame. Check out the video for a step by step full tutorial.

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Have fun creating!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mixed Media Layout: Words

They say men are not good with words and that women are better. I don't know if that's true or if that's the reason my two beautiful boys find it hard sometimes to say loving words to each other. I know they love each other very much but they never say or show it. So I decided to create a layout about it and maximize my supplies by using leftover letter stickers and papers.

I started with adding letters to a 12x12 patterned paper. These are leftover letter stickers that can no longer spell any words and a bunch of letters that got stuck together after they fell of the backing plastic. Using all these stickers to create a background is a great way to scrap your stash!

Then I covered all the letters with gesso and sprayed them with a few colors. I used light muted colors because I didn't want the background to be too noisy. I added the photo and used pieces of scrap paper to create a frame around it.

I wrote some words on scrap paper, cut them out and added them to the layout. finally I created the title with a black twine. Check out the video for the step by step tutorial.

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Have fun creating!


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