Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Color Face-Off - Yellow & Orange or Blue & White and Hanukkah Freebies

We'll be celebrating Hanukkah in about a week. If you ask yourself what is Hanukkah anyway you can find some answers here and here. But today I want to share with you my Hanukkah revalation! After a few years in the craft industry I came to the revalation that although Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday it looks completely different here and in the rest of the world.

I'm not referring to the customes or food I'm talking about the colors. Apparently this popular holiday has different signature colors here and there. Here it's a festival of lights, we light a candle everyday so light is the main thing that is also featured in the colors.  All the craft supplies, stickers and projects are in yellow, orange and warm colors that represent light and flames. Bright, festive colors that light up the cold winter nights of December.

However in the rest of the world, especially North America Hanukkah's colors are blue and white. If you ask yourselves why, I can't be sure but my theory is that this is a Jewish holiday so its colors are blue and white because these are the colors of the Israeli flag. In my opinion this is kind of missing the point because blue and white are not exactly colors of light and warmth and don't represent the candles' flames or the holiday spirit. 

But who am I to argue... Just wanted to share this with you because I only recently realized it and I was amazed. So here are a few yellow/orange Hanukkah printables you can use for cards, layouts, projects or decoration. I think they'll look much better with the lit candles :) You can copy paste to your computer and use it online. If you want to get this printables in print resolution let me know in the comments or email me.

Maybe you think this is stupid but this just blows my mind... Tell me in the comments which color combo you prefer?

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Have fun creating!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

12 Cards of Christmas 2015 - Explosion Card with Ann Butler Stamps

We're almost through with making 12 cards for Christmas, and I had SO much fun! I don't make a lot of cards and every time I'm doing this series I'm reminded how fun card making can be. It's sometimes challenging to limit yourself to a card size :)

Today's card is a really fun one with a surprise. When you open the card the paper inside "explodes" at you. I've used Ann Butler Faux Quilting Stamps to create an interesting pattern on the inside page and the Ann Butler's EZ Dee's letter stamps to add the word NOEL. Finally I used the little triangle stamps from Ann Butler faux quilting stamps to create a Christmas tree on the front of the card.

I have to say that this series has challenged me. Since I don't celebrate Christmas (I'm Jewish) I don't have a lot of Christmas craft supplies like stamps, dies, papers etc. I also don't want to buy too many supplies because my budget is limited and I'd rather spend it on supplies I can use all year long. So I need to come up with ways to use what I have in creative ways so I can create interesting cards that can inspire others.

All the cards designs can be a starting point for many different kinds of cards for every event or person you can think of. Just change the colors, patterns or sentiments but the technique and design can stay the same. So basically these 12 cards ideas can inspire you all year long!

Have fun creating!

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Grand Special December Daily Holiday Game

Did you really think I'd let this wonderful season go by without a fabulous giveaway?
If you know me you must have been waiting for something...well, it's here!
The Grand Special December Daily Holiday Game! A daily game of fun questions that has an AMAZING prize at the end.

How it goes?
Everyday I'll post a question on my Facebook page. You only need to do three things:
1. LIKE my Page.
2. Spread the word on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest...or other social media you can think of.
3. Answer the question.

Easy right?


The more questions you answer the more entries you get, so your chances to win grow.

If you want to increase your chances even more tag your friends and let them know about this fun game! However here's the catch - ONLY friends who actually participate in the game will increase your winning chances! IT'S NOT ENOUGH TO TAG THEM! They need to answer questions too so you and them will get more entries in the raffle!!!

What's in the box?
Family Traditions 27 - pc Collection Pack by Webster's Pages
Two 4x9 Glitter Papers
Chipboard Stickers by Pink Paislee
Border Stickers by Pink Paislee
Two 6x6 Burlap Pages
Two 4x6 Canvas Pages
12 Buttons Pack by Prima
175 3/16" Tacky Dots
50 yard Gold Organza Trim
8 Chipboard pieces
45 Different color, size and shape Flowers
5 Tags
3 Embossed Chipboard Shapes
Transparent Embellishment
4 Metal Edge Paper Shapes
2 Paper Cutouts
5 Little Admission Tickets
4 Large Brads
1 Extra Large Rhinestone Brad
16 Buttons in bulk
5 Butterfly Beads

Now who wouldn't want a goodie pack like this?

The Game starts on December 1st.
The winner will be announced January 1st

Let's have some fun!!
Good luck to everyone!!


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