Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm Grateful Mini Envelope Box

The past few days were crazy. Our country has been under rockets' attacks and life has been scary and stressful. I found it really hard to create anything, my mind just didn't have the energy to think about and be full of ideas like it usually is. I asked for some advice from my dear FB friends and they said "start with something small". Well...I decided enough is enough, I would force myself to create something, something small.

During the past few days I had a lot of time to think about what I'm grateful for. Rockets tend to put things in perspective...
I wanted those things I'm grateful for to be with me all the time so I'll never forget, so I created a little mini envelope box to hold them.

This box will be my treasure box filled with photos of my family and friends and small cards with inspiring words and sentences written on them, the kind of words that inspire me and give me strength.

Thank you dear friends for standing with me, for supporting, praying and caring so much. You gave me so much strength and hope and I love each and everyone of you.

What kind of treasures would you carry with you?

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Have fun creating!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

10 reasons to create mini albums

Mini albums are one of the fun things to create in scrapbooking and paper crafts. I often get asked what's the point? what's so fun about mini albums? The answers to me are clear and I want to share them with you.

 1. Manageable Project
For some people, especially me, the thought of starting a big 12X12 scrapbook is just too overwhelming. When I know there is a beginning and an end to a project it looks much more doable.

2. So Much To Do So Little Time
Some people may not be overwhelmed by a large scrapbook they just don't have enough time. A mini album can be completed in one or two sittings. It can be done in a crop night, a class or with some friends.

3. Tackle a Subject
A mini album is usually about one person, place or occasion. That gives me much more freedom and choice with my photos. For example: if we go on a family vacation or even a day at the beach how many pages can be devoted to it in the big family scrapbook? not many, right? you need to choose only a few photos. However, in a mini album you can use many more photos and capture the experience much better.

4. Design Continuity and Freedom
It's much easier to create in designing terms. You can use matching papers and embellishments and create a design "language" to coincide your theme. Another advantage is you can go wild with shapes and page sizes as well as page materials.

5. Photo Organization
It makes life easier (at least in terms of photo organization) if you organize photos according to the mini album you are planning. Actually it makes it easier even in the stage of taking the photos because each event or theme can be divided into little sub stories. For example: First day of vacation, second day...etc. If you take the photos with that in mind and later organize them like that on the computer they'll be easy to find, go through and pick.

6. Number of Photos
many times you either have too many photos and are left with extras or too little photos for a large scrapbook. A mini album is the answer for both situations.

7. Cost
In the state of the current economy buying lots of supplies for a large scrapbook can be too expensive. However when you create a mini album you can create a beautiful project for less money, because working with small pages allows you to use scraps of paper, ribbons and embellishments.

8. Storage
Small in size, mini albums are more portable and easily stored. No need for huge bookcases that will hold 12" tall albums. You can also take them with you to show off your photos and creative skills!

9. Creativity
Designing smaller pages, you don't need to worry about having enough creativity flowing to cover numerous 12x12 pages. You can also use the mini album to try new techniques and materials in a smaller scale before doing them on a full scale.

10. Gifts
Because they are fast to make mini albums can be great gifts for family members, friends, co-workers, teachers and the list goes on. You can create the mini album with photos or design empty pages living spaces for the photos to be added later.

Did I convince you? With so many advantages I don't see how not!
Write a comment to this post sharing a link to your mini albums, so we can have more inspiration and fun!

Have fun creating!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Metal Charm - add shine to your creations

In today's crafting we use different materials and textures to create interesting striking projects. I think the more diversity in our projects the better they look and we have more fun creating them. One of my favorite ways to add magical shine, interesting texture and industrial look to my creations is using metal.

Metal can be found all around us and it's easy to come by. It comes in so many shapes and sizes and fits any project you want to create. By using different metal embellishments and incorporating them in different mediums you can create different looks to your projects.


3D metal man created from metal gears and clock parts

Industrial canvas with lots of metal parts and embellishments

Using metal parts with an industrial look such as gears, clock parts, cogwheels etc. can produce a steampunk look to a project. Keep the metal parts in their original color or add industrial colors such as rust, copper, black and bronze. You can get parts like this in DIY stores, garages, industrial sites or buildings as well as online stores who specialize in metal embellishments and vintage parts.


Triple window with jewelry parts

Jewelry pieces have unique textures and shapes and are perfect for craft projects especially 3Dcanvases or altered art. They can be added in their original color and shape or they can be altered first by coloring them or priming them. I have a box full of jewelry parts that I got at flea markets, garage sales and even some old jewelry from my grandmother.

Textured embellishments

Frame with metal buttons

Layout with metal embellishments

Sometimes you don't want metal to be the focal point or the center of your project, but the shiny look of the metal can brighten up and add a different look to your creation. It can be small metal beads or a few metal rings to add a little bling or metallic feel to a project. You can also use metal buttons for extra shine and romantic feel in a project.

Have you tried using metal in your projects?

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Have fun creating!


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