Friday, February 3, 2012

Discover layout – Hidden Scrapbooking

I always try to make my layouts interesting; sometimes it works better than others. I think it works best in interactive scrapbooking, when you have to do something other than looking to get the full experience of the layout. In this layout there is an entire part that is hidden under a secret "door" that you have to open and discover what is there.

This is a DT layout for My Punch's Kit of the Month Club. I kept the design simple and geometric. I wanted the interactive part of the design to pop and not cover it with many embellishments. Although like using flowers (a lot of them sometimes) in my boy's layouts, this time I kept the embellishments simple.

The journaling:
you always start any task with so much enthusiasm, patients and wisdom. You really love to solve, explore and discover. I enjoy seeing the look in your eyes.

Have fun creating!


  1. How did you adhere the outer sections that open & close? I did this somewhat similarly on a few of my l/o's using very small hinges and only one side opened.

  2. The paper is a double spread that comes like this, meaning two papers connected and folded. I simply cut one of them in half and gave it this shape, I didn't have to adhere it because it was already connected.

  3. שלום עינת,

    הדף יצא ממש מיוחד ומרתק, יש לי שאלה -
    איך גזרת את הדף לצורת סוגריים? עם מספריים או בעזרת תבנית?
    .לילך מ