Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Printer's tray – A moment in time

I have already told you the story about my grandma. Last Saturday we celebrated her and my Grandpa's birthday. It was a great party, special and emotional, a birthday that requires an equally special gift. Here is the gift I made for them: a printer's tray telling the story of their lives and family.

Four of the twelve boxes have photos of our family and the rest of the boxes each tell a little story about a piece of their shared history.

I used different techniques and materials in my creation and a lot of 3D elements. The most visible are the flowers, which some of them were misted and painted. I also included papers, buttons, stickers, stamps, ribbons, lace, embellishments and some less traditional materials like fabric, pearl necklace and a small crochet I did myself.

They were really happy and excited to get this present and it's now hanging on their wall. I'm so happy!

Have fun creating!


  1. עינת, זה יפה ברמות!! ההקפדה על הפרטים ולכל חלון יש סיפור מתאים. מהמם!!

  2. What a beautiful piece of art!!!! Gift from heart to heart! Thank you for another great idea!

  3. ענית, סוף סוף אני מצליחה להגיב.. טכניקות נהדרות, השקעה בפרטים ותוצאה מרהיבה. אין כמוך. אש קטנה

  4. עינת, המגירה מקסימה!נראה לי שאפשר להתבונן בה שעות ולגלות כל פעם דברים חדשים, ואני בטחה שעבור סבך וסבתך זו חגיגה מרגשת במיוחד!

  5. וואוו, איזו השקעה
    מלא פרטים קטנים

  6. אלוהים נמצא בפרטים הקטנים!
    כמה עושר של קישוטים, פרחים ויצירתיות
    מתנה מרגשת בהחלט!!

  7. Your "box of memories" is so beautiful Einat. I great way to capture memories. You can hang it or put it on a desk top easel. It is a lovely keepsake.

  8. Einat this is gorgeous! What a beautiful gift!