Monday, July 4, 2011

Technique corner: echo

Echo: "any repetition or close imitation, as of the ideas or opinions of another."
Today's technique corner is all about echo. An imitation of an idea not from another layout but from the same layout! You can find this easy fun technique in this DT summer layout I created for My Punch.

The original pattern on the paper has wavy lines that reminded me of waves and gave me the idea to echo them.

I cut more waves in the same shape as the existing pattern and added them to the layout. By creating an echo to a pattern on the paper I added summer fun atmosphere to the layout and gave it some color and dimension.

Try this technique, it will give a lot of creative ideas!


  1. מתה על יצירותייך

  2. Okay... this is definitely one of my faves... I love this layout! You always had so much detail to your layouts... I love that!! TFS!