Friday, July 1, 2011

Designer Crafts Connection – beaded can

Hello friends! This month the Designer Crafts Connection blog hop is all about a challenge! 30 designers got a great new product from iLovetoCreate: Tulip's Beads in a bottle. We had to play with this fun product and create an inspiring project to share.

Since I'm in the middle of rearranging my studio, I immediately decided to alter an old tin can, give it a little color and use it to store my leftover buttons.

I have to say I really enjoyed working with this material. It's super easy and fun and what I liked about it is that it really looks like beads. You don't have to fight with adhering beads to you projects just squeeze the bottle and you have instant beads!

iLoveToCreate is having a contest for this blog hop! Here is what you can win.
To enter you have to go to iLoveToCreate blog and find out all the details for this contest.

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Have fun creating your own designs!



  1. Pretty- you used the same colors I did but in a completely different way

  2. I'm always playing with cans and new ways to spruce them up, this is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Such a great idea and perfect to dress up supplies!

  4. I love this idea to repurpose a container to make it new and useful. Thanks!

  5. היי שחמור יקרה. אני מיידעת שאני מעבירה את הבלוגים שאני מנוייה עליהם לגוגל רידר. .אני מוחקת מהמייל כי הוא נסתם לי מרוב הפניות לשם וזה כבר בלתי נסבל. אז לא לדאוג, אני עוקבת אחרי הבלוג שלך, רק מעכשיו, מהרידר.
    שבת נפלאה לך

  6. What a great idea. I can see several of these containers lined up in my studio!

    Carol Heppner

  7. Great idea to take something plain and perk it up!

  8. איזו פחית נפלאה, החומר הזה באמת נראה נהדר! אני רצה להשתתף בהגרלה...