Monday, June 27, 2011

Wet canvas

I love taking pictures of all the fun we have together as a family and I love taking the photos and designing layouts. The only problem with that is that if I want to see the layouts and the photos I have to take a scrapbook, open it, sit down and browse through it. I do that, all the time, but I wanted the photos to be visible so whenever I lift up my eyes I can see them. So…what a better way to make your photos visible than a canvas? I found some cute pool photos from a few years ago and I made a fast cute summer canvas.

Now there is a new problem…these photos make me want to jump in a pool :)



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  2. איזה קנווס נהדר! עכשיו צריך ליצור את הרגעים של הקיץ הזה, בים ובבריכה וליצור עוד קנווס...