Friday, July 8, 2011

Round and round we go!

I love cards! They are fun to make and even more fun to give. It makes me really happy to see the smile on someone who gets a card and knows it was made especially for them. I try to make my cards interesting, with a twist, it can be unconventional colors or embellishments or even…shape. This card is not only rounded, it has a surprise…it turns!

This is the card when it's closed. On the front I adhered two presents made from paper piecing and ribbon leftovers and a muffin with a candle. I will have instructions on how to create the muffin in my "Technique corner" next time. There is also a partial sentiment on the side. When the card turns…

The muffin doesn't move but the presents turn and you can see the entire sentiment and the journaling on the top. The circle in the middle has a half circle window that reveals what is hidden when the card is turned.

What a fun card!



  1. כרטיס מהמם!!!
    חוץ מאיך ליצור את המאפינס, תהיה גם הדרכה לאיך ליצור את הכרטיס המדהים הזה???

  2. כרטיס מדליק. מחכה להדרכה.

  3. כרטיס מקסים ומיוחד. בהחלט מחכה להדרכה(אשמח גם לכרטיס עצמו ).

  4. beautiful card! I love all the layering you did on the muffin!! Very Cute!! And that it moves makes the card even more awesome! TFS!

  5. I just love this card, you are a very talented lady. I will have to give this a try.