Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How To Swim Across The Ocean?

Our creative minds constantly come up with new ideas, at least mine does. I have so many big ideas running in my head. I have a little notebook that I carry everywhere to write them all down. All my great ideas are like an ocean and accomplishing them is like swimming across it...seems like an impossible mission right?

Your ocean might be learning a new craft, starting an art journal or finishing your family scrapbook. Swimming across your ocean will only be successful if you'll be determined, inspired and focused. You'll need to do it one stroke at a time. You will need to overcome the waves, the sharks and the cold, which are all your inner fears and demons. " I'm not good at art so I can't art journal", I'll never learn how to do mixed media projects because I can never be as good as those amazing artists", I have too many photos so there's no chance I'll finish this scrapbook in my lifetime". Sounds familiar?

Like the four swimming strokes there are four steps to swim across the ocean:

What I want to get done. Write down all the things you need to get done to achieve your craft goal. Break down your ocean to little strokes or yards. For example: in order to start an art journal I need to: overcome my fear, get supplies, come up with themes for the first 10 pages, look for inspiration on line etc.

Map Out
Map out each step. Break down each step to smaller steps. For example: in order to overcome my fear of art journaling I need to use a prompt I like and create one page.

Schedule all your steps in your calendar now! This way you will have structure, order and continuity.

Trust the process. The progression will come from small actions every day. Going back to the art journal example...once you've done the first page it'll get easier and easier.

So put your excuses aside, put on your swimsuit and go...swim across your ocean!
Please share in the comments what is your ocean and maybe I can help you with a fresh perspective.

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Have fun creating!

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