Friday, August 7, 2015

The Right Tool For The Right Cut?

I was recently asked about how I cut paper. I wanted to answer right away, but then I realized the answer is not as clear as I thought it was. There are different ways to acheive the same result and each crafter has its own prefrances and tools. Join the discussion and share what you like to use.

General Cutting
When you are faced with a task of cutting a piece of paper you basically have two options: A craft knife and scissors right? Wrong! Because you have different kinds of knives and scissors andtrimmers and cutters and the list is almost endless. So How do you know what to use for what?

Streight Cut
The best way to cut a streight cut is to use a trimmer. It is fast, accurate and easy. I use it whenver Ineed to cut squares of paper, like a12x12 page in half. However sometimes I use scraps of paper that are not in a square shapeor have no shape at all. That makes aligning it on the trimmer impossible or at least too time consuming. So in this case I use a craft knife.

There are two types of knives: Utility knife and a craft knife. Which one to use is a personal preferance. I feel more comfortable with a utility knife. I feel like my grip is better and my hand is steadier.

Which method do you use?

Not Streight Cut
If you're anything like me you are constantly fussy cutting flowers, images,photos etc. If you ask me I'll tell you i use scissors, the big Tim Holtz ones,even for really fussy cutting. But some people will say using a craft knife is much more comfortable and easy. I really want to try the craft finger knife...anybody uses that?

Two things to remember: first, always use a cutting mat to protect your table and second: use a different pair of scissors for each material. Don't cut paper and fabric with the same scissors. I have managed to ruin both my previous desk and a few scissors because I didn't follow these rules :)

Please share in the comments what's your favorite cutting tools.

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Have fun creating!

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  1. My husband does not understand why I need 20 pairs of scissors, 3 paper trimmers, 5 cutting knives and numerous die cutting machines! It is pretty simple to me, would you try to cut a steak with a butter knife? I think not! I have my X-acto blade for extremely fussy cutting, another blade for bigger fussy cutting, one of my paper trimmers cuts paper like a champ but won't cut heavy chipboard so I have another one for that. I love using my embroidery scissors for some fussy cutting also but because the finger holes are so small I can only use them for a little while at a time so use them to get into really tight spots.
    I have so many cutting tools that I could probably defend myself against Zombies during the Apocolypse! LOL