Friday, July 31, 2015

Create Your Own Washi Tape with Ann Butler Stamps and Inks

Who doesn't love washi tape? We all do! That's why we have stashes of it at home right? But how often do you want a certain pattern, color or images on your washi tape and you don't have it? After all we can't have every single washi tape on the planet. I have a solution for this problem...Create your own washi tape!

It's a much easier task than you think. All you need is a medical tape which is low tack and semi transparent that you can find it in the drug store, stamps and ink. I used Ann Butler Faux Quilting 1" Stamps and Ann Butler Crafter's Ink by Clearsnap.

I played around with the ink and stamps and here are a few easy and quick techniques for you to try:

1. Simple Pattern
Choose a pattern stamp and a color of ink and stamp repeatedly across the tape.

2. Pattern and Color
Color the tape with ink diluted with water to create a wash effect and a muted background color. Just apply some ink on a craft sheet spritz with water and dip the tape (adhesive side up) in the ink. After it's dry stamp with a pattern.

3. Double Drippage
Repeat the ink technique on item 2 but with two different colors of ink. Dip the tape in both colors creating drippage by moving the ink around.

4. Graduated Pattern
Stamp the tape with a pattern stamp but change the pressure you apply on the stamp so the image will be softer or stronger on the tape.

5. Repeated Pattern
Repeat a a small pattern on the tape to cover a larger area and create a continuous design.

Once your washi tape is ready use it in whatever project you want!

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Have fun creating!

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