Saturday, March 15, 2014

Memory Time Capsule

As some of you know I lost my grandmother early this week. She was an amazing brave woman who picked up the pieces of her life after the holocaust, built a family and a life. I wanted to create a little something to put on a shelf above my work table so I can be inspired by her and remember her. I got an idea while finishing a masking tape. The empty roll reminded me of a clock and the idea just popped into my head, I'll create a time capsule.

I first covered the roll with patterned paper from all sides and then added an embellished house and felt trees. I wanted to create a scene in time from many years ago so I used an old photo of my grandmother with her twins, my mom and aunt.

I added a picket fence and flowers to create a little garden. Then I added a bicycle and some chipboard birds to make it even more cheerful and happy.

It was sad and happy at the same time to create this time capsule but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Make sure to check the step by step video tutorial on how I created the time capsule.

Have fun creating!

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