Monday, October 8, 2012

13 Years of Magic

13 is a special age in Judaism, it marks the time when a boy becomes a man. Not in terms of getting married or going to work, but in knowing right from wrong and gaining adult privileges and responsibilities within the Jewish community.

We recently celebrated our son's Bar Mitzvah and it was emotional, exciting, happy, funny and amazing! I knew that for such a special day I would have to create a very special album. I decided to create it myself from beginning to end, cover, pages and all. I also wanted it to be different, not just childhood photos combined with congratulations from the family, but a new, original concept. guidelines were:
Hand made pages, cover and design
No photos - only cut out figures
Only mixed media based scene layouts
Each congratulations start with "What I love about you is..."
Album's name: 13 years of magic

Since it's a little big and I want its moment in the spotlight to last a little longer, I'll share it with you in parts, cover first.
It was a privilege and a pleasure to create this album and I'm sure my son and us will cherish it for years to come.

Have fun creating!


  1. מהמם! פשוט מהמם ביופיו!
    אהבתי מאד את הצבעים העדינים מחד, אך הגבריים מאד מאידך.
    שיהיה לו ולכם הרבה מזל טוב, רוב אושר ונחת.

  2. מקסים!! התחלה מבטיחה. מחכה לראות את שאר הדפים.

  3. I love this idea - something really special to treasure for ever. I look forward to seeing more...
    and congratulations to your young man! :)

  4. Fantastic idea . I love the way you have done the cut outs . great work. x