Friday, October 12, 2012

13 Years of Magic - Part 2

So many of you wanted to look inside the album and browse through its pages, so here it is...
The first page opening the album is a special dedication that I wrote for him.

In Hebrew it rhymes. Here's the very loose translation: 
This is a special album
Not just a present
It tells your story
in a different way.

I asked questions, you answered
Every answer turned to a page
You discovered yourself through the pages
and designed by them.

And between the pages
Greetings are hidden
From those who love you
and wish you the stars.


The next two pages show him as a baby.

The journaling reads: 13 years ago you arrived to the world with a smile and magic curls. The world filled with light and love. The angles were smiling and so was I.
A smile of a baby...
The journaling is an answer to the question: "What makes you smile?"
He answered: "Tickles, funny movies and thing I like.

Make sure to come back on Monday for more pages from this special album.

Have fun creating!


  1. הדפים משגעים!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOWWWWWWWWWW אין מילים פשוט
    גם מה שכתבת
    זה הבן שלך?

  2. משגע! אחד הפוסטים המרשימים שלך!!

  3. עיצובים כל כך יפים. הדף הראשון - מרגש לקרוא, האלמנט של החסידה עם התינוק - נפלא!וגם הדף האחרון. זה עיצוב ידני? דיגיטלי, או משולב?.אהבתי מאד את הסגנון. מקווה שתראי עוד דפים מהאלבום.

  4. עיצובים מופלאים.... מהיפים שראיתי ,,,
    רק בשמחות:-)