Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All wired up!

Here's a question for you…does scrapbooking always has to be on paper?
Well…my answer is NO! I love exploring the boundaries of scrapbooking and creating layouts that are not necessarily on paper background. This layout is made of wire…yes wire!

I created a 12X12 square from red wire by twisting it in all directions. This square was the background for my layout. I added pieces of paper on the back to enrich the colors of the background and plenty of embellishments on the front.

I attached the photos to the layout by threading them through the wire after inserting eyelets to protect them. I added ribbons by weaving them into the wire. I also tied threads and hanged tags. To add more texture and dimension I added all kinds of bids that were threaded to the wire.
It was really fun and challenging to work with the wire in this unique and different way. It allowed me to work with the other materials in a differently and use them in new ways.

Have fun creating!



  1. This is sooooo beutiful!!!! And you can easily hang it on the wall! This is a great opportunity know I am decorating our child room!!! Thank you!

  2. עינת זה פשוט מ-ה-מ-ם-!!! אחד הדפים היותר יפים שראיתי, עוד לפני שבכלל קראתי והבנתי את הרעיון המגניב והכל כך מיוחד שמאחוריו. וואו!

  3. עינת, מאיפה הרעיונות. יצא מקסים. אש קטנה

  4. רעיון מקסים - מקווה שיהיה לי זמן לנסות בקרוב.
    יצא לך מהמם