Friday, May 18, 2012

You love books - Photo or paper first?

How do you create your layouts? Do you have a photo you just have to create a layout for or did you just buy a new paper that screams "please make me unto a layout". I do both, but this layout was inspired from one small rub-on. One of the products in the My Punch's May Kit of the Month Club was a set of rub-ons that one of them was a stack of books.  That was just the right rub-on for a set of photos that I had.
These are more photos of the special day I had with my son. He loves books and he loves to go to book stores, browse through the shelves and see what new books he can buy. He just walks in the store, sits on the floor and starts reading… so adorable, if you can say such a thing about a 13 years old…

Have fun creating!


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