Monday, May 21, 2012

Technique corner: using a title to make a point

Sometimes I get my layout ideas from places that surprise even me. One of the papers of this month My Punch's Kit of the Month Club had the Title: "Little Hands, button nose, chubby cheeks, tiny cloths".   When I saw it I thought to myself what a great title, too bad it's not applicable to me, since my boys have already passed the tiny stage and there are on their way to huge…but then again, I thought why not use it, design a layout exactly about that?
So, I took the title and changed it in a way that would be visible and stress the point I want to make. The "little" turned to "large" and the "tiny" into "big". I used small bold colored letters to write the new words so they would be noticeable enough but not too big. I also added the title GROWING to put everything in context.

Have fun creating!


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