Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10

This year was full of creation and inspiration for me. I love all my creations, they were all made with love, but there are always those special ones which are the best of the best. So, to summarize the whole year here are my top 10:

1. Einat's Wonderland canvas
A whimsical, magical canvas full of color and techniques.

2. Paper Flower
A project I made for the first Sizzix blog hop. I had a lot of fun with this die.

3. Lilies card
One of the cards I made for the Jewish New Year.

4. 4th of July
A layout I designed for a 4th of July special projects' eBook.

5. Explore
One of my favorite layouts of all times, especially because of the photos and the techniques I used in it.

6. Dreams
A layout I designed as a guest designer for "scrap that Poetry" blog.

7. White holiday
A monochromatic layout, all in white and cream shades. The ultimate proof, that you can design a flowery layout for a boy.

8. You mini album
Another project for the Sizzix blog hop. This is a canvas and paper mini album in a canvas pouch.

9. New Year's resolutions
A special mini box for all my resolutions for the New Year.

10. Don't forget to take a break!
My absolute favorite is the project I made for the Sizzix blog hop. This is a cup of tea reminding me to take a break.

What are your favorite projects this year?


1 comment:

  1. בהחלט עבודות נהדרות. אני הכי אהבתי את הפרחים במספר 3, את 6, 8 9 ו 10
    מאחלת לך ש2011 תמשיך להאיר לך פנים מבחינת היצירה!