Monday, December 6, 2010

If you really knew me

I usually design for my clients or my kids. For once I decided to design a layout for myself about myself. It's a very simple layout in terms of design, but not so simple (to me) in terms of exposure.

Since it's all in Hebrew here is the translation. The title: If you really knew me. The journaling is a collection of sentences describing me: I love Sudoku and my husband bought me an electronic Sudoku game, I saw the movie "Back to the Future" many times and it's my favorite movie, My favorite holiday is the Jewish New Year, I always eat an olive after I ate something sweet, I still have my stickers collection from when I was 12 years old, I love cats but my husband is allergic, I like my hair. Now you know almost everything there is to know about me.

Try making a layout for yourselves; it might be more challenging than you think.



  1. את כל כך מוכשרת!!! אני נהינית לקרוא ולעקוב אחרי העבודות, הן יפייפיות.

  2. אחת היצירות היותר נפלאות שלך! אוהבת את הדף הזה הכי-הכי!!!!

  3. רעיון טוב לעצב לעצמך...יש בזה באמת משהו חושפני יותר אבל גם מעניין יותר

    ואני בטוחה שיש עוש המון פרטים מעניינים...הצחיק אותי הזית (-:

  4. what a pretty layout, I love the way the text goes and I love the black background