Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brothers & friends

One thing I'm really proud about is the relationship between my two sons. Unlike other brothers I know, they are very close to each other and spend a lot of time together. Sometimes a whole afternoon can go by and I don't hear a sound from their direction. They can be engaged in a game together, playing, solving problems, or they can each do their own thing without disturbing one another or invading each other's space. I especially like to listen in, if I can. When they are not paying attention I snick quietly and stand outside the room…the things they talk about are sometimes so funny.

Yes, they fight sometimes, they yell and even kick or slap, but I taught them from an early age that I don't get involved. They can come to me and I’ll say "please solve the problem yourselves". So they go and after a few minutes I don't hear them anymore, they are busy doing something together again and completely forgot about their fight.
The funniest thing is when they get mad with me or their dad. They go to their room and start scheming. They plan all kinds of things they would do to us. It sounds so terrible, but they are such good kids that even their schemes are harmless. One time they decided to hide all my shoes. We laughed for days after when we found shoes all over the house. Another time they wrote me a letter saying they are mad and please not to enter their room for awhile. So cute!

I made this layout in honor of their relationship, love and friendship. The journaling says: "You are such good brothers' playing so nicely together and always spend time together. Even when you fight you make up so quickly. I'm so happy to have you in my life; you brighten my day and my world".

Color Combo #32 for Picture Perfect Creations
Friends for Everybody Art Challenge #110
September Sketch for Crafty Sketches
Vegetal layout for Method Playground #71


  1. Very cool layouts! I wish my boys were like yours. They play good but boy can they fight...LOL! Love what you did with the colors this week at PPC, thanks for playing with us.

    Tamie - PPC DT

  2. A mom with boys has to have selective hearing! lol Mine fight and tell me how much they hate each other, but then I catch one showing the other a new game or lending a helping hand & I know the truth... this too shall pass. Thanks so much for joining us at PPC this week!
    Paula-PPC DT

  3. דף מקסים בעיני!
    ומה שכתבת על הבנים שלך מזכיר מאוד את מה שקורה אצלנו לאחרונה וזה באמת כיף גדול!
    גם אני מוצאת את עצמי מסתננת להקשיב לשיחות שלהם :-)

  4. beautiful LO & love the special meaning behind it!!

  5. ילדים נהדרים ודף נהדר
    חג שמח
    ליאור (חתולי8)

  6. wonderful work!
    Thanks for joining EAC this week!
    Hugs, Alex

  7. Gorgeous layout, wonderful photos and details.