Friday, October 1, 2010

A year in scraps

We have just celebrated the Jewish New Year. It is a very traditional holiday in terms of food and customs. Every year I have a tradition of my own: making a calendar to hang in my room. This year I decided to add to that tradition and not only make a calendar but use only scraps.  This way I will contribute to the environment in my room and outside. I decided to use all the scraps from the My Punch's September kit. Don't be surprised that the calendar starts from September; this is the parallel month of the first Jewish month.

Here is a collection of a few embellishments, some of them were ready made and some I created from scraps. I used a few ribbon techniques, such as a ribbon flower, stamping on a ribbon, pleats, weaving two ribbons, horizontal and vertical borders.


  1. it is so colorful and i love it!

  2. מקסים!! אחד אחד כל דף ! ובא לי בול בזמן כי אני עומדת להכין לוח שנה לחברה שביקשה!! ואז אולי אכין לי גם אחד לשולחן העבודה שלי. אז את מהווה כאן השראה!