Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One kit…how many Designs?

How many things can I design from one kit? That was the question I had when I got my first kit as the designer of the kit of the month club from My Punch.

Well..I designed four little items, three layouts and still had leftovers.
Everything I designed was made only from the materials in the kit except ink and stickles.

This way of working was challenging because I had to make do with what I had and if I wanted something that was missing from the kit I had to create it myself. For example, the red heart on the mini album was created from part of the letter J and a question mark.

I can't wait for the next kit! I wonder what surprises will be in it...


  1. ניצול נהדר של הקיט,צבעים נעימים.הקופסא מגניבה והכרטיס מיוחד.

  2. I love everything - really beautiful...
    And the kit looks great as well

  3. עינת, העיצובים שלך משגעים, תמיד אהבתי את העבודות שלך ואני שמחה שיצא לי לא מעט ללמוד ממך!!!