Friday, December 2, 2011

12 days of December Blog Party - Day 2

Wow! So much fun! We are off to a good start. I hope many more friends will join us; we still have 11 more days to go! First for the winner of yesterday's giveaway:

Congratulations, Erena!
Contact me with your details, so I can send you your prize.

For those of you who missed it Here is how it will work:

Every day, for 12 days, I will post a holiday project/s to inspire you and to give you ideas for your holiday table, presents, cards and more! Following the project you will get a mission, there will be a new different mission every day. To participate in the blog party and be eligible for the daily giveaway you will have to:

1. Subscribe to my blog (if you are not already subscribed).

2. Post the mission in whatever on line media you want: blog, FB, twitter etc. with a link back to the Blog Party.

3. Go back to my blog and write a comment with a link to your post.

You can join us for some of the days or all of them. Each day I will randomly choose a winner for the daily giveaway and post it the next day.

Whoever takes part in minimum of 7 missions out of 12 will have a chance to win the grand prize, which will also be randomly selected. More details about the grand prize tomorrow!

Day 2 project: Cuttlebug Magic – Napkin holders

Christmas tree: I used Spellbinders Nestabilities to cut layers from a few green pattern papers. Then I attached them on top of each other with foam tape to give them a look of a Christmas tree. Finally I adhered the tree to a strap of green paper that I attached at the edge to create a ring shape.

Menorah: I used Spellbinders Nestabilities to cut 4 different sizes of frames. I cut each frame in half. I adhered the halves to my background with foam tape to give it dimension. Then I added the centre candle holder and leg from strips of paper. Finally I added the little flames. I attached the background to a ring shaped strip of paper.

Day 2 mission: (if you choose to accept it) is to Write about the funniest or most weird holiday dinner you've ever had. Post it on your blog, on FB, on message boards, anywhere on line you want with a link to the Blog Party. Then go back to my blog and write a comment with a link to your post.

Day 2 giveaway: Spellbinders Nestabilities – Peony. Includes 6 dies and can be used on most leading Die-Cut systems!

Have fun creating!



  1. והנה אני שוב....בבלוג שלי מסופר על ארוחת החג המוזרה שעברנו כמובן עם הפנייה לחגיגה

  2. lovely idea today the christmas tree is lovely and the menorah has life to it

  3. Gorgeous nakpin ring! I may have to make a set!!

  4. Your projects are just wonderful! You definitely sparked my creativity!

    I posted a link on my blog to your party and spoke a bit about my "weird" holiday dinner. Kinda boring, but that's all I had!

  5. מצטרפת באיחור...תכננתי להספיק אבל יצאו לי חמישי-שישי מטורפים...בנתיים השלמתי את המשימות שפספסתי בבלוג, כאן :
    מקווה בימים הבאים להגיע בזמן. ורעיון החנוכיה הזה פשוט משגע! בהחלט הולכת לאמץ אותו לכרטיסי חג!

  6. What a wonderful idea for a napking holder. here is my funny dinner story.

  7. Love the project today. Joined you only today but I hope to stick it out to the end. I posted a story about a wierd holiday dinner.

  8. עינת - תכננתי להספיק גם את המשימה הזאת, אבל שישי היה עמוס... בכל אופן רעיונות מדהימים. אהבתי את הרעיון של המנורה - כל כך יצירתי. מתכננת להשתמש בזה בחג הקרוב איך שהוא.. תודה. אפרת.

  9. שלום עינת,
    מצתרפת לכל המחמאות, רעיונות מדליקים, במיוחד אריזת המסטיקים. גם אני אוספת כל מיני קופסאות קטנות כי לכל אחת יימצא שימוש הולם :)
    פירסמתי בפייסבוק שלי:!/lilach.mishan
    לילך מישען שיין

  10. "אופס - "מצטרפת" ולא "מצתרפת