Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ready, Get set, DESTASH! Art Journal Page: Funnel

If you don't have leftover letter stickers raise your hands! No one?! we all have them. I have sheets of letter stickers from years ago just taking up space. I can't spell any words because I'm only left with Z, X and maybe a D or two and it really annoys me. So I challenged myself to come up with using some of them!

I used them as masks! Stuck them randomly on an art journal spread in a funnel shape, covered them with some gesso and Gelatos and created an amazing background. Then I added some more letters and sentences with a black pen. I wrote my journaling on the bottom of the page in an upside funnel shape.

This art journal page is a representation of what's going on in my brain. This is how I feel when everything is turning up there and concentrates to one amazing creative idea! It's a funny process that works like a funnel leading all my ideas, thoughts, fears and imagination into one point of inspiration. It's a weird process...but it is what it is :)

How do your ideas pop into your head? Try telling this story in a visual's fun!

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Have fun creating! 


  1. I have sheets and sheets of letter stickers and the craft hoarder in me just can't seem to toss them out. Your tutorial has inspired me! Thank you, Einat!

  2. Thank you for sharing this idea - it is beautiful. I'm excited to try it this week.