Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Life as an Artist - Behind the Scenes Secrets

Life as an artist seems to be very glamorous. Traveling the world, meeting new people and doing what you love is rewarding, fulfilling and fun. However there are things and events behind the scenes that are hidden from the public eye. There are so many good things about being an artist but so many bad things too. Disappointments, failures and  rejections are things we all have to deal with and it's never easy. Here are a few of my behind the scenes stories...

The Class that Never Happened
One of my favorite things is to teach and share my knowledge with others. There is a great deal of satisfaction in watching someone go through a process and the light in their eyes when they get it or make an artistic breakthrough. So it's equally devastating when you prepare and get ready for it but it doesn't happen. It's even more annoying when you make a project on your time and never get paid for it because the class never happened. It happens more often than you think because not enough people register for the class. So I end up investing time in creating the project which is eventually wasted, scheduling the time and date which is closed for anything else and finally didn't get the income I thought I would.

Last Minute Video Tutorial
I share a video tutorial on my channel every week. But every week it almost doesn't happen! Why? Because I always wait to the last minute to make it. When you wait until the last minute you always get unexpected things you didn't prepare for that interfere with the ability to do what you planned to do. So every friday morning I sit down to film my video hoping that there will be no surprises Lol. Will I ever learn?

Eye opening right?
There are many more stories about contracts that were not honored, impermeability and plain ugly behaviour. But there are also amazing stories about new goals achieved, successes and flattering adventures. All are behind the scenes industry secrets but also my personal stories.
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Have fun creating!

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