Friday, November 20, 2015

6 Tips for getting Inspired

Inspiration is unpredictable, you never know when it'll appear and sometimes it's not when you need it. However as creative people inspiration is a key ingredient in our lives and for some of us an essential ingredient in making a living. So How do we get inspired and stay that way?

I think an important part of inspiration lies within each of us, but sometimes it's hidden or masked by other things and we simply can't see it. Maybe we are preoccupied, hungry, sad, depressed or simply too busy to find our inspiration so first of all...

Take Care of Yourself
Make sure to get a good night sleep, drink enough water and eat healthy food. This might seem stupid and you might think it has nothing to do with creativity but I know that if I'm tired or hungry I can't concentrate and my brain is busy with keeping my eyes open and my stomach growling instead of producing ideas.

Keep a Tidy Craft Space
Regardless if you are a tidy person or not when your desk is a mess so is your brain. If you don't have an inviting, comfortable space to work in there is no way you can be creative. I know when my desk is a mess I don't go into my studio because all I can think of is all the mess I need to organize and tidy...

Focus on What You Love
When you're in a good mood then there is a better chance your inspiration will flow. So in order to be in a good mood focus on what makes you happy. Set aside time to relax and do what you love like going on a hike or even watch your favorite TV show.

Once you've done all that you've put your foot in the door of inspiration. Now all you need is to open the door wide open and let it in!

Watch and Learn
The internet is an amazing source of inspiration (and sometimes for copying unfortunately). Be on websites like Pinterest and Instagram and follow crafters and artists you like. Try to follow as many people you can so your pool of inspiration resources will grow. Watch tutorials on Youtube and take classes.

When your inspiration is really low this is the time to create! It might sounds counter intuitive but this is what will get your brain started. After all creativity is a bunch of neurons firing so sometimes we need to give our brain a jump start.

Challenge Yourself
Create small challenges like creating a project with limited number of supplies or only two colors. Learn a new craft or a new technique you've always wanted to try.

Read my blog post on how to overcome a crafter's block and get some more advice. Share in the comments how do you get inspired!

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Have fun creating!

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