Sunday, November 22, 2015

12 Cards of Christmas 2015 - Tag and Card in One

You know I like to make life easy and creating something that can serve a few purposes is a great way to do that. I thought what if I can make a tag, a gift card holder and a card all in one project wouldn't that be great? This way I'll be able to choose what I want to use it for instead of making three different projects.

I created these tags from Canvas Corp mini bags. If I want I live them like they are and use them as tags, if I want I can insert a gift card and then it's like a little present and if I want I can write my season greetings on a piece of cardstock and insert it so it'll become a card.

I created these tags as a series so they'll coordinate with each other. This way I can keep on adding more tags easily by simply using the same colors and papers I used to create the first six tags. If I want the tags themselves can be a great gift, just give it around Thanksgiving so it'll be possible to use them for Christmas.

Share in the comments how would you use them as tags, cards or gift card holders?

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Have fun creating!

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