Sunday, October 25, 2015

Art Journal Page: Be Yourself

The best advice I ever got was to Be Myself. No masks, no costumes, no fake smiles just me. If someone will love me or accepts me it should be because they like me and not who they think I am. This art journal page is all about this feeling of self acceptance.

I created a colorful background with sprays and stencils as the base for this spread. Then I started to add layers of colors. Bright and happy colors that would deliver this positive message. I cut face parts from a magazine and created a face. This artificial face is of course meant to make a point, a few points actually. How we are all made of so many things and facets and we are not just one layer. How we should be ourselves and not fit into pre designed molds someone decided for us and how artificial it looks when we do fall into these patterns and definitions.

Then I drew a hair which is a total contrast to that composed face. It is flowing and free. I added all kinds of details in the hair, color, shapes and texture. This is the part that shows all the creativity, freedom and happiness that we'll have if we'll stay true to ourselves.
Finally I added the title "Always Be Yourself".

Always remember this because you are good enough to be yourself!

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Have fun creating! 

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