Friday, October 23, 2015

5 Ways to Maximizw Space in your Craft Room

We all have too much supplies and not enough space for it. It doesn't matter if you have a craft room, a corner in the house or just a closet. These tips will help you get more space for all the supplies you need to store.

1. Stack
I have a thing about boxes.Most boxes have lids on the top which means you can put anything on top of them because youneed to open them up right? WRONG! Stack your boxes. Put one on top of the other. In a perfect world you would put the boxes one next to the other but in real life we have to make compromises. Use coordinating boxes in size and in pattern or color soit will look nice as well as being practical. And if you need something from the bottom box just move the boxes on top, alittle exsercise for the hands.

2. Adjustable Shelves
I baught shelf units in IKEA so I can adjust the space between the shelves according to the space I need. Unlike on a pre built shelf unit I don't waste space when things are smaller and I can fit tall stuff as well as more shelves.

3. Use the walls
If we all had huge craft rooms we could fill the walls with our creations but unfortunately that is not the case. If there is no room in drawers, shelves or cabinets move to the walls. I found some great ideas in the kitchen section in IKEA (again...I know it's affordable) that I could hang on the wall. It's a great solution for supplies that can be stored in containers and don't take a lot of room.

4. Under the Table
There is a huge space thatis usually missed...the space under the table. Your legs onlyneed somuch room to why not utilize this space for storage. I have some large boxes with all kinds of supplies, as wellas my Etsy shop packing materials and allthe stuff I sell at the store. It's all carefully wrapped and organized.

5. Remove Packages
Packages can be complicating things. They're not flexible and usually much bigger than the product they hold inside. I took all the supplies out of their packages and put them in little containers I arranged in a drawer. If the manufacturer or product name is important add a little note on the bottom of the container.

Bonus Tip
Purge Often - between you and me...I'm sure there are some supplies you don't need or want. So purge, donate, sell, give...less supplies need less room :)

Even small spaces can have plenty of room for all our supplies if only we organize them in a creative way. I hope you'll try some of these ideasor come up with some ideas of your own.

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