Friday, September 25, 2015

How to Create a Family Photo Wall Collage

I have been wanting to do this in my house for a long time but always found a reason to postpone it. For some strange reason I was scared it wouldn't come out right. But that was my first mistake, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just a few principles to follow will guarantee that your will will look great!

1. Use different size and shape frames
If you use different sizes and shapes frames it will save you the need to measure and create even gaps between the frames. That is because our eye will focus on the shape and size and the gaps between the frames will in fact be invisible.

2. Use color wisely
If you use colorful frames then have black and white photos, and if you want to use colored photos then keep the frames' colors neutral like black, white or brown. Choose frame colors that compliment the colors in the room and furniture. You can also use the wall collage to inject a splash of color to a neutral colored room.

3. Incorporate other embellishments
Add little embellishments in between the photo frames. You can use shapes, canvases and other wall art. I also framed birds and flowers drawings in addition to the family photos.

4. Add a personal touch
Other than your family photos add words, sentiments or quotes that you relate to. If you make them yourself like I did. I cut out letters from a tissue paper that some gifts I bought were wrapped with and glued them to a canvas with gel medium. Plain, minimalist and simple addition to your wall with hardly any money spent.

I'm really happy how my wall turned out and I'm even considering adding more frames. Now I have a new wall for the new year!  Please share with me in the comments how you display your family photos.

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Have fun creating!

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