Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What's in The Box Giveaway!

I had a birthday in April and my dad gave me a blank check. Seriously! It's a tradition that we have. He gives me a blank check and says: "it will come out of your inheritance" Being the good daughter that I am I have never abused that and I always buy something for myself that is not too expensive.

This time I decided to treat myself to some craft supplies. So it took awhile for the stuff to get to me, because I had someone bring it to me instead of sending it in the mail. The box is filled with all kinds of goodies and I want you to guess what's in there!

Here are a few things to consider:
* Think about what I love to create (you can check my blogs posts and my YouTube channel)
* Think about the materials I love to use
* Think about what can fit in a medium flat rate box
* Think about the fact that someone had to bring it to me and carry it. Would I ask someone to do that if the supplies are too big or heavy?

* There are different types of supplies
* I bought them online in 3 different stores

I think that's enough information...

You need to guess what's in the box!
The more right answers you have the greater chance you have to win because you get more entries!
You can guess as many times you want.
You have to share this in social media. For every friend you tag you get additional entry!

You will win a surprise goodie bag that will be filled with crafty goodness. And you know from previous giveaways that my goodie bags are always generously full with amazing products! The winner will be announced on July 24th.

Have fun creating!


  1. I think for sure you have some type of textured paste.... I've been dying to get my hands on some Bo Bunny gold glitter paste! And I think you have some fun metal embellishments and for sure some new paint, distress ink, or misting sprays!!

  2. I think you have metal embellishments (for steampunk), stencils, and metallic paints

  3. I'm going with canvas (stretched). Also some gesso and steampunk embellishments. Maybe even some mixed media paper. :)

  4. I think you may have a hot glue gun, stencils, some brushes, texture paste and mat or glossy acrylic medium, patterned paper, and acrylic paste and maybe some cool inks and shimmers or sprays.

  5. Heavy two sided paper, a canvases, heavy medium, stencils and metal embellishments!

  6. Paints, texture mediums, metal embellishments, journals. FUN game! :)

  7. אני חושבת שזה תבניות מולדים. קלות, מגומי ואת אוהבת להשתמש בתוצרים שלהן אצלך בעבודות. בטוחה שהזמנת ספסל ומנורת רחוב. ;)

  8. Stencils (6 X 6), texture pastes, paints, metal embellishments, canvases (small so they fit in the box, maybe up to 8 X 8), stamps, mists and probably some paints and/or inks too! I know these are all things that I would love to get in a box! Whatever you got I know that you will have lots of fun with them!! :-)

  9. OOOH maybe stencils, canvas, metal embellies and metallic paints and texture paste..

    what ever it is I'm sure it will be fabulous!
    shared :)

  10. I think you have gears, watch parts, and other steampunk embellishments,,,some flowers in several sizes, inks of blue, gold, and green,, stencils, and lots of glittery embellishment. Some new big brush markers and a moleskin journal,

  11. Wow this is tough but fun! Pretty sure there had to be some vintage findings,& clock parts (my downfall), some of the new metallic gelatos, assorted texture pastes,stencils, brushes, water colors,, and definitely some goodies to make some jewelry.Bookmarked your videos-I could spend hours watching them-I want to learn more about mixed media and steampunk. Shared on FB and tagged several friends I know would be interested.

  12. I think there is: Gesso, a heat tool, Acrylic paint, Hot glue, Some stencils, Sponge dobbers, alcohol ink, Some distress ink pads, tissue paper, gel medium, some artist pens, Gelatos, permanent ink pens, 3d shapes, stickers, patterned paper, an embossing machine and embossing plates, lacquer spray, Tacky glue, double sided tape, a bone folder, cheese cloth for making a binding bandage, Mod melt glue, Mod melt molds, some smash journals, paint brushes, a blender, Glimmer mist, and some big brush markers.

    I love your style and artistic touch. you have really taught me a lot of things that I had never even heard of. Thanks!!!