Friday, June 12, 2015

Making a Family History Book Part 4

Welcome to the fourth post in the series! I hope you you were inspired to start your own family history book or to add some new ideas to the heritage projects you're currently working on.

More Photos space

I've used interactive opening flaps to increase the space for text, but it is also a great solution for more photos space. Create an opening flap with text on both sides and add photos on the part under it. this will also create an element of surprise and discovery to the history book and give the viewer a feeling of exploring and discovering the history themselves.

Interactive mechanisms

I've already explained how interactive mechanisms can increase space for text and photos, but these mechanisms can help you add content to the page. The same way you can use a theme to tell a part of the story you can use an interactive mechanism. In this page I created an opening envelope with a letter inside that is the the story of my grandfather. The envelope is part of the story by conveying the idea of him being away.

Other Forms of Text

The written word is a vast fascinating place that we can draw a lot of inspiration from. One way I presented the text is to arrange it in a form of a newspaper. I thought of a name for the newspaper, which is based on the family name of that side of the family and arranged all the text in columns similar to a news paper. I even gave each little story a headline and added advertisements and photos. Since most of the stories take place more than 60 years ago I found advertisements from that period online and added them for a more authentic look.

Make sure to tune in on Friday for the final part of the "Making a Family History Book" series!

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  1. Lovely and so special pages Einat!!! What a wonderful work!! Congrats. Big hugs. Caty.