Monday, April 6, 2015

Website Launch Giveaway!

Did you think I'll launch my new website without a giveaway?

I want to share the joy with all of you and there is no better way than a giveaway!

An even better way is a few giveaways. heard right! More than one giveaway is in store for you this month!

Let's start with the first one...

This giveaway includes:
1 alterable 10 1/2 X 8 1/2 3 rings binder
6 double sided 12X12 pattern papers
1 fabric flower & butterfly package
1 30pc bark butterflies package
1 decorative wood embellishments package
1 5 tags buckles package
1 transfer title
1 Embellie Gellie tool
1 titanium non stick scissors
12 large paper roses
4 embossed chipboard embellishments
3 paper cutouts

To be eligible to win this fabulous giveaway we are going to play Treasure Hunt! You need to write a comment to this post telling me where in the website  (not the blog or blog post) is the phrase "Saturday Extravaganza" mentioned?
Only those who will answer correctly will enter the raffle.
The winner will be announced May 3rd.

Happy Hunting!


  1. You can find Saturday Mixgravaganza by clicking on the button Free Video Tutorials on the right hand side of the home page.

  2. On March 28th a post Wall of inspiration: Spray Ink Background

  3. Only found Saturday Extravaganza on this post. found Saturday Mixtravaganza in several places including in the links section on the bottom right of this post as well as Saturday, March 28, 2015 post Wall of inspiration: Spray Ink Background. Thank you!

  4. I could only find "Saturday Extravaganza" in this post. "Saturday Mixtravaganza" can be found in a total of 80 places:

  5. I found something similar here ( Saturday Extravaganza only on this page.

  6. Hello Einat,
    First I want to congratulate you on a launch of a new web page. :-D It looks amazing!! :-D
    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to win this AMAZING candy!! WOW! So many of everything. :-D
    And now the answer to your question:
    I found SATURDAY EXTRAVAGANZA only in this post, but SATURDAY MIXTRAVAGANZA can be found on 80 places on this blog, your GORGEOUS mixed media projects. LOOOOVE THEM! :-D
    Thank you again and big hugs from Croatia.

  7. Hi Einat!
    congrats and best of luck with the new web page!
    in the website "saturday mixtravaganza" can be found on the right hand side menu on the home page under the tab "free video tutorials"
    Thanks for a chance to win these goodies!

  8. Hi Einat love your work and all tutorials thank you! I found Saturday mixtraviganza on the right hand side of the blog under number 7. Like the others I only found Saturday extravaganza on this blog post!!!!

  9. Only saw it on contest entry directions. I would love to win

  10. Here it is on your page 5.

  11. By clicking on the Free Video tutorials button on the right hand side of your home page..: this is a Gorgeous Prize!!!

  12. I found it in the F.A.Q section.

    1. After reading the other comments. I reread the question. Not sure if it was a trick question or not. Been a big fan of your Saturday Mixtraviganza for a long time. But didn't see "Saturday Extravaganza" except in this post.

  13. I don't trust these people....LOL! I did my own hunting, just to be sure. I did find Saturday Mixstravaganza under the free Video Tutorials and also at the F.A.Q. section

  14. I was in my art room reading your give away and the thrunder hit so ;loud the dog was crying he was siting behine me and he was scard that we was shaking , I found it was soon as I clicked on your web site there is your picture and your name then the coments that where I found out you was having A WEBSITE LAUNCH GIVEAWAY!!THANK YOU SO MUCH..i WALS TRY AND DO SOME OF THE PAGES YOU DO oops!!! Capsgrrrrrrrrr...MaryR

  15. I have hunted and my results are - I did not see that phrase in any of the tabs at the top of the page. (I do love the blog colors). It does not show up in your photo gallery. Saturday Extravaganza does not come up when searching your videos. However Saturday Mixtravaganza show is listed 80 times in your blog posting counts on the bottom right. So I am going to say it only shows up here in this post.

  16. "SATURDAY EXTRAVAGANZA only mentioned within the text of this contest ... and saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA mentioned in the section Videos

    1. ok... I just check it out... and SATURDAY MIXTRAVAGANZA is mentioned in the F.A.Q. page here

      and in the Free Video Tutorials page here

  17. that's easy! on the Free Video Tutorials :) good luck to me!

  18. On F.A.Q
    "Every suterday i host suterday mixtravaganza on my tube channel..."
    Good luck on your new website
    Hebrew button...its small to read english on mobile phone...

  19. I've looked high and low, looked at gallery photos, videos on your website...I can't find it. Didn't click any of the links that would take me away from the website as it's on your site, right? Ack! Maybe I need glasses....especially if it's in fine print somewhere. But I've enjoyed the art!

  20. I have searched and searched throughout the website and the only place I found the exact words, Saturday Extravaganza mentioned is on this page announcing the contest!


  22. Repeat answer: The required answer to the question is on the right hand side of the WEBPAGE under FREE VIDEO TUTORIALS

  23. ההדרכות נמצאות בצד ימין של האתר תחת
    Free Video Tutorials


  24. היי עינת!!
    ואפשר למצוא את זה בהדרכות הוידאו שלך :)

  25. MIXstravaganza is in Free Video Tutorials but EXTRAvaganza is only mentioned here as far as I can tell! Off to search some more though just in case I am wrong.

  26. MIXstravaganza is also under FAQ's. Haven't seen EXTRAvaganza anywhere but here! Still looking though! :-)