Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Behind the Scenes - Q & A

I get a lot of questions about what is really happening behind the scenes of my Youtube videos, project designs and blog posts. This is your lucky day, because all your questions are going to be answered! I'm revealing all the secrets!

Q: How does your craft space looks?
A: My craft space has two distinct modes: presentable and "oh my god!" It's basically a repeating process of organizing and putting everything away and then slowly taking things out but not returning it to its place. I'm going to share my craft space and organizational tips in detail in a future post.

Q: I wonder how does the table look outside of the frame?
A: well it looks like a big mess! Everything always looks so nice and organized on a video tutorial but the space you don't see is not organized at all! I just grab things, put them aside in no particular order and after awhile it gets cluttered and often dirty especially if I'm creating a mixed media project.

Q: How do you come up with your projects?
A: My process is sometimes a riddle to me too. Sometimes i start with the type of project I want to do, let's say a mixed media project. At that point that's all I know, I have no idea how it will look. Then I try to think what I want to say or what material i want to use or which technique and when I decide on that I start working. Sometimes the ideas start to flow and if they don't I go and get some inspiration online, outside, going through my stuff etc.

Q: How do you decide what Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA project to do?
A: That's even more stressful because I'm on a deadline. The video has to be ready by Saturday. I usually decide what type of project I want to do first according to how busy my schedule is. The busier the schedule the faster the project. The secret is...I do the videos on Friday and edit them on Saturday. Lucky for me there is a time difference...
The process of actually creating the project is like what I described earlier.

Q: What equipment do you use to create your videos?
A: I use a Full HD Samsung Smart OIS camera with a Slik Pro 300DX tripod. I edit my videos on Movie Maker. All the narration is a voice over and the music is from royalty free stock music download sites that operate according to all copyright laws.

Q: How do your projects look so perfect?
A: That's called editing! You don't see all the mistakes that happen and the long pauses I take to think about what to do next. Sometimes there are projects which were a complete disaster and don't even make the cut to be a video tutorial...

Q: Are you ever afraid you'll run out of ideas?
A: I used to be, but then I learned to tryst myself and my creative process. I work best under pressure and I know myself well enough to know that when I need to, a good idea will pop into my head. Some might call it God, I call it intuition.

I hope these answers gave you a better idea of how things work around here.
Please leave me a comment with anymore questions you have or just show me some lovin'

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  1. I know that my projects are sometimes inspired by other artists. You have been the inspiration for several of my projects. Who inspires you?

  2. I have so many inspirations: my kids, nature, music. I sometimes look at stuff on Pinterest and get an idea. But mostly I first want to do something specific like a layout or a mixed media canvas and once I know that then the rest just flows.