Saturday, April 18, 2015

No Sew Fabric Mini Album

I love creating mini albums but not always use paper. I try to challenge myself to try new materials and see what kind of mini albums they would make. Today I played with fabric. And the best thing is that this mini album doesn't need any sewing at all. So if you don't have a sewing machine or don't know how to sew you can still create this mini album! All you need is some ink, acrylic paint and stamping objects to create this fun project! I'm sure there are some fabric pieces in your stash you can play with...right?

For this mini album you can use any type of cotton fabric or cheesecloth. It needs to be flexible and thin enough to be folded and its texture needs to be the kind you can paint on because it will be covered with gesso to prime it. felt, for example will not work here. This is basically the same process as creating a canvas for the wall only without the frame. We will prime the fabric with the gesso so it will seal the fabric and prevent any absorption of the mediums we will be adding.

Once all the fabric pages have been primed and thoroughly dried we can start adding the patterns, words and colors to the pages. I used Ann Butler's pigment ink by Clearsnap that is suitable for fabric and is permanent after a heat set with a heat tool or an iron. The color scheme I chose was teal, purple and black. I also used black acrylic paint. As usual, I didn't have a plan, so I started adding colors and shapes. The important thing in creating this type of project is layering. Layer colors, words and shapes to create an interesting page with a message. I didn't add photos but it is definitely something you can add. Just make sure everything is completely dry so the photos will not be stained or wet.

To create the different patterns on the page I used Ann Butler's 2" Faux Quilting Acrylic Stamps and found objects like TP roll and an old credit card. You can use whatever objects you have to create stamps in any shape or size. I also used the really cool martha Stewart brushes to add all kinds of lines. Make sure to dry each page before turning it over to work on the other side.

Here are some of the supplies you'll need for this project. Some of these are affiliate links which means if you click the link and make a purchase, I get paid a few coins. This helps me keep on blogging and sharing different projects with you. Thanks in advance for your support, dear friends!

White Canvas Fabric
Fabric Ink
Martha Stewart Brushes
White Gesso
Letter Stamps

Fabric Tac

For all the tips, tricks and a full process check out the video.

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Have fun creating!


  1. What a fun video. I learn something new every time I watch your videos

  2. That was so much fun watching you make this. I DON"T sew, I think I have a sewing phobia, lol, so this is just my style, Thank you for such wonderful directions. Love Saturdays. Have a wonderful week.

  3. This was a joy to watch. I am a sew-er and enjoyed seeing your process and transformation. Happy for your new website and will join you on your creative journey.