Sunday, December 7, 2014

Steampunk Desk Organizer

Don't throw away empty food packages or tp rolls...use them to create something new and useful! I used mine to create a steampunk desk organizer for some new brushes, aquarelle pencils and other supplies.

I started with covering all the boxes and tp rolls with paper. I used several patterns that have a steampunk vintage look. The best way to cover something with paper is to use Mod Podge. Just use a brush to apply it. after everything was completely dry I painted the inside with black acrylic and added a nice washi tape border.

I assembled all the parts gluing them together to create the desk organizer. Then it was time to embellish! I added steampunk theme metal embellishments like gears, screws, cogwheels and more. I also added other embellishments that looked good with the general theme. I inked the exposed areas with brown and black inks for that industrial feel.

Now all I need to do is buy all that supply I need and put it in its new home!
Check out the video for a step by step tutorial and tips.
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Have fun creating!


  1. another great project, thank you .......

  2. I watched the video and luv your organizer. Thanks for great idea !

  3. This I wonderful, so much to look at, I love every detail