Saturday, November 22, 2014

How to create Peeled Paint effect?

If you're like me you really like easy and fun techniques to create striking effects. Well, this peeled paint technique is not new but it's always great to use oth on paper and on canvas. In this Saturday MIXTRAVAGANZA video tutorial will be using this technique on a canvas.

Start by covering the canvas with a paper to create your background base. If you're using a double sided cardstock like me then check out the video to find out how to soften it with water and making it more flexible to work with so covering the canvas will be easy. Once the canvas is covered seal the paper with Gel Medium. Sealing the paper is very important for the next steps. If you're doing this technique on paper the process will be exactly the same.

In order to create the peeling effect, which is basically a resist technique, use Vaseline. Apply it to the areas where you want the paint to peel. Then paint all over it with acrylic paint. The water base acrylic will not stick to the oily Vaseline creating the peeling effect. Dry the paint and use a paper towel to remove the paint.

If you want a multi color effect then repeat this process using a different color each time. To finish the canvas I added a few words in different techniques: stenciling, stamping and painting chipboard letters.

For all the details, tips and full process watch the video tutorial!
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Have fun creating!

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