Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mixed Media Double Canvas Set

I decided to change my wall art a little, so I created a canvases set. A set is basically one piece of art that spreads on more than one canvas. In my case two 6" X 6" canvases. When you create a set you work on the canvases as if they were one. So the theme, color scheme and embellishments will be the same across the board. The divided yet cohesive look to a canvas set gives it a unique look and draws the eyes to move from one section to the other and by doing so capturing the entire piece.

I started the set with adding modeling paste texture to the background and pieces of tissue paper for layering effect. Then I added distress stains in different colors and blended them together.
My focal point is a leaf ribbon that spreads from top to bottom and is embellished with flowers that were colored with the same distress stains.

I also added a large wood butterfly which was colored with distress stains. I finished the canvas set with Perfect Pearls paint that I created myself by adding a little water. This shiny effect gave the canvases a shimmery finish and definition.

Have you ever tried to create your own canvases set? You can create a row of three or a large square that is made up from four small canvases. Take a look at the video tutorial for more ideas and techniques.

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Have fun creating!

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