Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Have a wonderful year card

Tomorrow Jewish people around the world will celebrate the new year.
Here's a simple card I made for the new year to give to a special someone tomorrow evening.

One of the symbols of the holiday is a pomegranate which is a seasonal local fruit. The pomegranate has a lot of seeds inside that are a symbol of the Torah's commandments. According to tradition there are 613 seeds in a pomegranate like the 613 commandments of the Torah (I counted the seeds once and there were much less seeds then that but why argue with tradition...).

One of the common blessings of the holiday is that your year may be filled with good things like a pomegranate.

I wish you all a wonderful, creative and happy year!

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  1. כרטיס נהדר! אוהבת את הצבעים וכמובן את העיצוב.
    שתהייה לך שנה נפלאה מלאה יצירה ויצירתיות :)