Monday, May 20, 2013

Technique Corner: What do you need to make a great layout?

What do you think is needed to create a great layout? Lots of fancy embellishments, many new and cutting edge techniques or maybe expensive materials? I've asked my self that question and the answer surprised actually need very little of those embellishments, techniques or materials. You can create a fabulous layout with paper, ink, gesso and mask!

This layout is paper based with a simple easy technique. I started the layout with a circles mask gesso and a little distress ink. I first used the gesso and then the ink to create a continuation in the pattern of the circles. I hit set it to dry the gesso and then puffed some of the gesso with the hit gun.
I then layered paper and paper tags to create dimension as well as different fussy cutting shapes.
Finally I created different sizes of paper flowers and gave them a little more dimension with small touches of gesso around the edges.
Try to challenge yourself to create a layout with nothing but paper and a simple technique and see what your creativity can create!
Have fun creating!


  1. Fabulous layout... love those dots swirling out in texture and colour!
    Alison x

  2. מחכים כרגיל. אש קטנה

  3. perfecto, love all the deets on how to get the look for this fabulous layout...

  4. Eint, hello I need to learn how to do this with the gressI dont know when to put it on or not to put it on your paper and I have found some good stcil's yet But iam going to town tomorrow..thank you