Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Technique Corner - White Space

Some people get really uncomfortable when they hear the term white space.Well, there's nothing to it! White space is just another name for empty or almost empty space on you layout. In order to create a balanced layout some of the page must be empty or almost empty or else we'll get really dizzy with all the details. This is a layout I created to show that white space is not that scary!

As you can see on the layout most of the center is empty, there is nothing on the paper. Some parts of the paper only have interesting background that I made with masks but not a lot more. Even the photos are extremely small and don't take a lot of space.
Here are some tips to create white space:
1. Don't be afraid to leave parts of your layout with no photos or embellishments.
2. Make sure to create a balance between the full parts and the empty parts of the paper.
3. If you like full layouts with a lot of details try to concentrate those details only on one or two parts of the layout, leaving the other parts as white spaces.
4. If you're a minimalist then concentrate all your elements together so the rest of the paper will be white space. You can add a little glimmer, paint or masking to the background so your layout will be interesting and with depth.

Have fun creating!


  1. דף נהדר. מאוד אוהבת. עשית לי חשק להוציא דף שורות ושבלונות