Monday, November 26, 2012

Inspiration Card - Birds

I love birds, they are the symbol of freedom, happiness and joy. The last few weeks made me think about the little things in life. I guess when you are "locked" in your house because rockets are falling outside, you come to appreciate life. I wanted to remind my self that the skies can be filled with other things, beautiful cheerful I made a few bird cards.

Have fun Creating!


  1. כרטיסים מקסימים, גם אני מאד אוהבת לשלב ציפורים בעבודות שלי.

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  3. וואו... גם אני מאוהבת בציפורים... ובכרטיסים שלך, גם... במיוחד בראשון... מעלף, מקסים, משגע!!!!!!!!!!

  4. כרטיסים מרהיבים. אש קטנה

  5. I love this post Einat and hope so ferverently that a solution to the troubles in your area can be found and peacefully implemented. Imagine a world living in peace!
    Every day the skies that surround us are filled with birds butterflies and other winged creatures - some pesky ones too I must admit and they are a source of inspiration for me too. I have been thinking about you a lot. My heart reaches out to you.
    Enjoy Hannukah!