Friday, October 19, 2012

13 Years o Magic

I have a few last pics to share with you from my son's Bar-Mitzvah album.

He loves to read. Everywhere we go he always brings a book to pass the time.

Riding his scooter.
A beautiful boyscout. This is a pocket page with cards to write blessings.

he loves Astronomy and space, so I dedicated two pages to his favorite subject.

The door to my dreams is open!
Stay tune next Monday for all the tips & tricks on how I created this special album!
I want to thank you all my dear friends for all your love, warm words and compliments. I told my son how much love he got from each and everyone of you, and how much you all loved his special album. He smiled his cute,little smile and said..."tell them I love them all back!"

Have fun creating!


  1. אהבתי כל דף ודף
    כל כך מיוחד וכל כך גברי...

  2. פשוט קסום, כל דף לחוד והכל יחד...

  3. WOW Einat Pahut Maksim!! I love the first one with the letters falling on him!! fantastic!!