Monday, August 13, 2012

Technique Cornen - Relax - filling a white space

Our mission at SEM this month was to scrap a layout about our favorite vacation. These photos were taken at one of our recent weekends at the Sea of Galilee. One of the most famous places in the world!

For this layout I tried a new composition, I put both photos on the top of the page. It was a little challenging but I love a challenge. The challenge was to "fill" all the "white" space under the photos.
One of the ways to fill a white space is use scraps! tags, circles, words, cut outs...anything will work.

Just remember a few important thing:
1. Keep all the embellishments in the same color palette.
2. Arrange the embellishments on the layout in such a way that they would create movement.
3. Combine different kind of embellishments to create balance. For example if you use circles balance them with square tags or words, like I did.
4. Use different size of embellishments. For example: if you add circles to your layout, make sure to use big and small circles it will add interest, balance and movement.

Have fun creating!

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