Monday, July 9, 2012

NEW!!! T.A. Workshops - Great Kits Easy Projects

* Do you want to start scrapbooking but you are overwhelmed by all the supplies and ideas around?
* Do you want to create a special keepsake for someone you love but don't have the time?
* Do you want to design creative projects, mini albums or scrapbooks but don't have the option to attend a workshop?
Take Away workshops have the perfect solution for you! A unique and beautiful project kit packed with all you need to create your project from start to finish. In the kit you will find cardstock & papers, stickers, embellishments and other supplies you'll need to complete your project including a full set of detailed instructions.

The kit can match any theme and allows you to add your personal touch, customize your titles and you'll even have leftovers! 
Each kit offers you two options: you can follow the instructions and create the project or you can use the supplies to create something else all together.

So... instead of going to a workshop...the workshop is coming to you! You order a kit and get all the supplies you need to complete the project, including a full set of photographed instructions! No matter where you are in the world, you can have the kit delivered to your home and make creative mini albums and scrapbook projects!
Don't wait...order your kit now...


  1. These look like great kits! I know when I teach classes that there are always a few people who want to come but can't because of scheduling conflicts. This is a great way to share your beautiful designs!

  2. What a great idea. I love the books and minibooks How do I sign up for the class?

    1. This is a class that is delivered right to your door step. You order the kit and receive all the supplies you need to create the projectincluding a full set of stepby step colored photographed instructions!