Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of December Blog Party – Day 12

Today is the final day of our blog party. It was really fun! I enjoyed sharing my holiday projects and inspiration and I hope you enjoyed it too. I want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah! May you spend the holiday season with the people you love, enjoy good food and get a lot of great presents…

Yesterday's winner is…

Congratulations, Lilach!
Contact me with your details, so I can send you your prize.

For those of you who missed it Here is how it will work:

Every day, for 12 days, I will post a holiday project/s to inspire you and to give you ideas for your holiday table, presents, cards and more! Following the project you will get a mission, there will be a new different mission every day. To participate in the blog party and be eligible for the daily giveaway you will have to:

1. Subscribe to my blog (if you are not already subscribed).

2. Post the mission in whatever on line media you want: blog, FB, twitter etc. with a link back to the Blog Party.

3. Go back to my blog and write a comment with a link to your post.

The winner of yesturday's giveaway and the grand prize will be announced on Wednesday. The winner will receive 150$ gift card to some fabulous shopping at

Day 12 project: Hanukkah Layout

My last project is a Hanukkah Layout. I know there is a lot of inspiration for Christmas layouts but not a lot of ideas for a Hanukkah page, so I wanted to share mine.

Day 12 Mission: (if you choose to accept it) is to share what would you change in the holiday season and what would you add to it. Post it on your blog, on FB, on message boards, anywhere on line you want with a link to the Blog Party. Then go back to my blog and write a comment with a link to your post.

Day 12 giveaway: today's winner will get five sets of two different Sizzix3D flowers dies.

Have fun creating!



  1. עינת - הדף מקסים!! השילוב של התמונות של החנוכיה והסביבונים עם התמונות של הילדים והרקע הצהוב מהממים.

    תודה על מסיבת בלוג נהדרת ופרסים שווים.

    הטוויט היומי:!/efrats100/status/146287238492327936

  2. Good evening Einat,
    Thank you very much 4 the gift :)
    It has been great learning a new thing every day!

    My mission io right here:

  3. Hi Einat - I love your layout! The candles are awesome, and I love the rounded corners on your photos. My mission is here -!/JenClark74/status/146377030873780225

  4. איזה דפים מקסימים!!

    זהבית שקד

  5. תמונות מדהימות - אין ספק שנס גדול היה פה

  6. Great Layout! Love the candles. here is my last mission:

  7. Thank you for a great blog party. Your Layout is really pretty. my mission:

  8. A nice layout. Rounding the photo corners is a good way to dress up the photos without using a mat! Great tip!

  9. שתי המשימות האחרונות אצלי בבלוג
    תודה רבה על מסיבה נהדרת, על רעיונות מעולים ועל המון השראה!!!
    חג שמח!