Monday, September 26, 2011

Photography tips – Back side

Photographs are magical because we capture moments in time. Moments that will never happen again in the same way. The best way to capture such a moment is to take the picture when your subject is unaware you're taking it. To achieve that you either have to be invisible or, if you can't manage that, take the picture from behind! Some of my best photographs are those of my kids when I photographed them from behind where they couldn't see me. To take photos from behind here are a few tips:

1. Wait until you see your subject do something interesting, go behind them and take a picture with their back to you.

2. Back side photos work best when kids watch TV, play on their computer, run ahead of you or look at something. In all these situations they probably won't pay attention to you and you can sneak behind them.

3. Photos taken from behind are especially interesting because they give us the point of view of the person we are photographing. If a child is looking at the fish in the aquarium we get the feeling that we are looking through his eye and we see what he is seeing.

Try and find your opportunities to take interesting fun photos from behind!


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