Friday, August 12, 2011

101 Flowers Tutorial #6: Button Flowers

I love buttons. They add a soft, homey gentle touch to every layout as well as texture and interesting dimension. There is another special reason I like to use buttons in my creations. They were a gift, a gift from my late grandmother. My grandmother used to love her sewing and she had a huge button collection. It was all organized in small boxes according to color, shape and size. After she passed away my dad and aunt went through her things and found her buttons collection. Knowing me, they knew I would want to have that collection and they gave it to me. Ever since then I know that whenever I use a button from her collection she's up there smiling. So, in honor of my grandma's collection today's flower tutorial is all about buttons.

All you need to make all these flowers are different shapes, sizes and colors of flowers:

1. Use two flowered shaped buttons on top of each other with a round button in the center to create a dimensional button flower.

2. Use different sizes and colors of round buttons to create a layered flower.

3. Stamp a transparent button and adhere it on top of a color button for a transparency effect. Find out how to stamp a button here.

4. Combine different materials. Create layers using plastic and metal buttons.

5. Adhere very small buttons in the center of a very large button to create the look of stamens.

6. Create a flower from multiple flowers arranged in a pattern.

All these beautiful flowers will give a unique, special and interesting look to any layout or card.

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  1. רעיונות נהדרים! תודה :-)

  2. Awe... I loved going through my Grandmother's button collection too... hers were stored in a metal container... it was like candy to me as a child...I loved running my fingers through all the pretty little buttons!! So, of course, I have a fascination with buttons to this day! Such a great idea to create flowers using them!!!