Monday, June 13, 2011

Surfing – Photography tips

I love taking photos of my kids. A day at the beach is the perfect opportunity to take some action photos. Action photos are photos of a certain action someone is doing, usually something physical like sports, playing outside or having fun at the beach. They very easy to shoot if you follow a few simple steps:

1. Decide which action you want to capture. The point of taking action photos is to follow a certain action from start to finish. I took the photos of my son surfing for the first time. I started with a photo of my husband explaining and continued with photos of his different trials.

2. Change your position. The subject you are taking pictures of is not always standing in one place. You have to follow your subject to capture all the different aspects of what they are doing.

3. Change angels. If you want your photos to be interesting and tell the whole story you have to take photos of the same action from different angels. You don't have to take a picture only from the front!

4. Try to be invisible. Try not to interrupt the action and be invisible as much as possible. Don't direct your subject; let them do whatever it is they are doing without saying anything. If possible try to take photos without them even noticing it.

The great thing about action photos is the fun you have scrappin' them. I created this layout for My Punch Kit of the month club with all my photos and a summer fun feeling! Tune in on friday! I have some great techniques to share with you.

Try shooting some action yourselves!



  1. איזה דף משגע! ממש מרגישים את גלי הים.

  2. אוהבת את הדף הזה!!