Monday, May 23, 2011

Single sheet of paper: Growing Up mini album

It's time for another great project made from a single sheet of double sided cardstock! A DT project created as part of the Kit of the month club for My Punch.

Just the other day I was going over some photos of my kids and I suddenly realized how fast they grow. Time just flies and we hardly notice the minutes and the hours and suddenly here they are all grown up, going to school, playing with friends, not the little cute babies they were only yesterday… all of that inspired me to create a mini album with a message to my two boys, a message of love from their mom.

The journaling reads: "just yesterday you were in first grade and already you go to the fifth grade. Your shoe size is already bigger than mine, you're almost as tall as me and even your voice has started to change".

The journaling reads: "I remember when you were born, you were so sweet and Mor used to give you a hard time. And here you are a big boy, going to school by yourself, riding your bike and meeting with your friends and going to the third grade.

Here is how you can create your mini album:

1. Cut 4 pieces 4" by 8".

2. Fold them in half.

3. Cut out a 2 1/2" by 1 1/2" triangle from one folded square. Repeat with another square.

4. Fold in half two edges of each square in a valley fold, in order to create a "W".

5. Adhere the two un- cut squares back to back.

6. Adhere two outer flaps of the W pieces to the inside of the mini album. repeat with other piece.

7. Add photos, embellishments and journaling.

Have fun creating your mini album!



  1. LOVE this idea and what a great tutorial so easy to make thanks to you! Wonderful job on the mini :)

  2. מגניב ביותר!

  3. איזה יופי של מיני!
    תודה על ההדרכה!

  4. Such a fun mini album and I absolutely LOVE that paper!!